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Reference Projects at the Ecohydrology Research Group

Drift of macroinvertebrates because of hydropeaking

This project examines the relationship between hydropeaking and the reaction of aquatic macroinvertebrates. Goal of the project is to make predictions for the impact of remediation measures. Thereby the project is of high importance for hydropeaking restorations in Switzerland and the Alps.

Client and financing: BAFU

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Hydroecology and Floodplain Sustainability in Application

This project combines the development of ecological indicators, spatial modelling and remote sensing based monitoring. Overall, the project is expected to support a sustainable development of hydropower production while optimizing ecological floodplain goods and services and maintaining effective decision making processes.

Client and financing: Swiss National fund

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Residual flow amounts in floodplains


This study examines if the actual residual flow is sufficient to sustain the morphologic and hydrologic dynamics of floodplains. Therefor remote sensing monitoring is used to measure and assess the hydrological changes and sediment and habitat dynamics in the catchment area of Kander and Simme on an ecosystem level.

Client: BKW Energie AG and RenF




Habitat dynamics in floodplains

This project is part of the BAFU project “Hydraulic Engineering and Ecology”, which focuses on bed load and habitat dynamics in running waters. Main topics are structural and functional indicators as well as habitat monitoring in floodplains. Aim of the study is to use present structural indicators to make conclusions about the ecological function of floodplains and to assess them on ecosystem level.