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Centre Ecosystems and Biodiversity

«Our students develop projects for urban and unspoilt landscapes to optimize them in terms of their effects on nature and humans. In this way, they make an important contribution to the environmentally compatible use of our countryside..»

Prof. Dr. Reto Rupf

The Centre for Ecosystems & Biodiversity investigates ecological issues with regard to spatial requirements and possible conflicts between humans, animals and plants. These include projects that impact the countryside or bodies of water. The aim is to ensure that their planning and implementation contribute to the sustainable development of nature and humans. In cities and urban agglomerations, the focus is on the creation and maintenance of open green spaces that enhance quality of life, well-being and biodiversity in cites.

Research Units and Research Groups

Research Unit Integrative Ecology

Protection and sustainable management of freshwater ecosystems considering measures for flood protection, use of hydrodynamic power and biodiversity.

Environmental Planning
Processes for landscape and ecological surveys, sustainable land use proposals and tools for the synthetic assessment of environmental interventions.

Development, application and validation of innovative methods for processing and analysing spatiotemporal data on topics relating to the environment and natural resources.

Vegetation Ecology
Investigations of vegetation and flora for bioindication, quantification of biodiversity change due to global change, developing and implementing effective conservation methods and supporting environmental planning.

Wildlife Management
Analysis of both the ecology of wild animals and the resource conflicts that arise; development of solutions to situations involving problematic, protected or game species.

Research Unit Urban Ecosystems

Green Care
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Green Space Development
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Planting Design
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Urban Ecology
Eco-faunistic and botanical studies regarding green roof technologies; development of solutions in cooperation with practitioners.