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Reference projects at the Life Cycle Assessment research group

Life Cycle Assessment of Swiss wind power

Wind power
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The conditions for wind power in Switzerland as a landlocked country are not as favourable as countries with the possibility for offshore wind farms. Is the expansion of wind power plants in Switzerland desirable based on an environmental point of view?
The Life Cycle Assessment carried out by the research group at ZHAW shows that Swiss wind power is environmentally friendly and that an expansion of the Swiss wind power capacity can lead to a reduction of the environmental impacts of Swiss electricity production.

Project partners: Swiss Federal Office for Energy
Additional information (in german): Project report
(PDF 2,2 MB)

Comparing the application of peat and its substitutes in gardening

Substrates for plants and crops
Substrates for plants and crops

Peat is a common substrate for plants and crops in gardening. However, the application of peat in gardening is related to emissions of the climate-damaging greenhouse gas CO2 and other environmental impacts. This study compares different alternatives for substrates in gardening, which not only cause less environmental impacts compared to peat but also have a secured supply in the future and positive social effects.

Project partner: Stiftung Gartenbau
Additional information (in german): Project report (PDF 3,3 MB) and media article (PDF 79,5 KB) in gPlus