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Life Cycle Assessment Research Group

Applied research in environmental impact assessment

Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment (LCA) is essential to analyse the environmental performance of organisations, products and processes in order to show the potential for sustainable improvements. LCA is a tool that considers all impacts along the whole life cycle of products and services and provides a scientifically sound basis for the quantification and assessment of environmental impacts. The impact assessment is crucial to optimise processes and services and helps to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different concepts and strategies. Furthermore, the impact assessment can be used define benchmarks and communicate environmental benefits.

Research interests


We provide the following services in the field of environmental impact assessment:

We follow the guidelines of ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 for life cycle assessment) and use tailored questionnaires for data collection. The ecoinvent database serves as a background database for the calculation of life cycle inventories with the software SimaPro.

Selected issues for applied research in the field of environmental impact assessment:

Videos of presentations and conference contributions