Research Group for Environmental Education

Bildung für eine nachhaltige Gesellschaft
Lernen im Grünen
Themenweg in der Umweltbildung
Mobile Umweltbildung
Erlebnisse in der Natur

The teaching and research activities of the multidisciplinary Research Group for Environmental Education centre on people. Environmental education aims to enhance our ecological awareness and to promote corresponding behaviour, both as individuals and as members of society. It encourages a constructive approach to current issues from changing perspectives. Environmental education relies on differentiated analyses and on learning through real life experiences in new and established learning locations in natural settings, human-shaped environments, and society.

Research interests

  • Mobile environmental learning
  • Environmental education in parks
  • Impacts of environmental education
  • Eco-sufficient lifestyles and economies
  • Sustainable «resource cultures» (routines and practices for use of natural resources)


  • Experiential learning and outdoor education
  • Environmental education concepts, themed trails and new media in environmental education
  • Adult education and educational research
  • Socioeconomic analysis of human-society-environment systems
  • Initiating and supporting innovative creative processes
  • Policy consultation