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Food Packaging

Centre for Technology and Packaging

Our goal is to develop innovative and sustainable packaging technologies and solutions to maintain the quality of foods and to increase their safety.

The food packaging research team focuses on the needs of the food industry and initiates appropriate development activities or research projects, in cooperation with other relevant stakeholders such as manufacturers or suppliers of packaging materials and suppliers of gases, equipment or other technologies. 

The goal of our research projects is to use innovative packaging technologies to maintain the quality of food, increase food safety and extend shelf life. We develop new packaging technologies and evaluate their impact on the quality, safely and stability of foods in close cooperation with partners in the food and packaging industries.

Research fields

Active and intelligent packaging

Development of active and intelligent packaging Technologies to preserve and monitor the quality of food thereby ensuring its safety.

  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Antimicrobial films
  • Freshness indicators

Shelf life extension using innovative packaging technologies

Optimisation of packaging materials and processes to prolong the shelf life of perishable foods

  •  High barrier materials
  • Active packaging
  • Modified / controlled atmosphere packaging
  • Processing of packaged food

Shelf life simulation of packaged food

Development of a web-based software simulating the the shelf life of packaged food to optimize the packaging materials and design, packaging processes, and the storage conditions.

Consumer-friendly packaging

  • Characterization of the opening processes
  • Quantitative measurement of the force required to open different packaging types
  • Evaluation of „Easy Opening“ systems
  • Focus group studies with specific consumer groups


Our pilot plant and laboratories in Waedenswil are well equipped with a wide variety of packaging machines as well as analytical instruments for the realization of in-depth research projects:

  • Thermoforming machines
  • Tray sealer
  • Vacuum chamber machines
  • Ultrasound vent applicator
  • Permeation analyzer (Oxygen and water vapor)
  • Head space gas analyzer (destructive and non-destructive)
  • Material testing machine "Zwicki-Line 500N"
  • Digital torque testing system "Tornado"
  • Laboratory coater


Analysis Scope
Microbiological Analyses Bacteria, yeast and molds
Shelf life limiting microorganisms
Pathogenic microorganisms
Challenge tests
Chemical Analyses Vitamin
Acidity level
Physical Analyses Texture
Rheological properties
Pachaging and Headspace Analyses Barrier properties
Head space gas analyses
Relative humidity
Sensory Analyses Sensory test
Trained panel tests
Consumer tests

Some analyses are carried out in cooperation with other centres of expertise within the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation.

Project collaboration