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Bakery Technology

Centre for Technology and Packaging

The goal of the Centre for Technology and Packaging is to develop healthy and tasty baked goods, which are technologically feasible to manufacture and safe for the consumer. This is achieved through developing a thorough understanding of the entire value chain for bakery products, and in particular, of the key factors affecting product quality and consumer acceptance, and through leveraging the Centre’s international network and interdisciplinary capabilities.

Research Priorities

Formulation and process development

An understanding of the interaction of the individual ingredients and of  the influence of the manufacturing process on the final baked product allow both the product and process to be optimised.  The formulation and the process can be scaled up in the Centre’s well equipped  bakery allowing the development of innovative products with new technological, nutritional and sensorial properties.

Freshness and shelf life

A diverse range of storage conditions can be simulated, thus enabling their impact on the freshness and shelf life of a product to be assessed. Similarly, the effect of formulation and process  changes on the product during storage can be readily evaluated.

Sensory and aroma analysis

As part of the Centre’s commitment to assist in the development of exciting new products for consumers, the innovative “Bread Flavour Wheel” has been devised.  This tool encourages the use of a common vocabulary when describing the sensorial impact of bread, thus facilitating the efficient development of new bread products to meet consumer needs.

Microbiological and sensorial analysis are carried out in collaboration with the Centre for Microbiology and the Centre for Sensory.

Project Collaborations