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Services in Food and Beverage Innovation

Provision of services

The centres of expertise of the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation handle specialist enquiries from the food industry, retail trade, gastronomy and private households about market research, consultancy, the introduction of new products, consumer surveys, tests on products, and training concepts and courses. Experts with experience in industry, training, teaching, research and development collaborate in project-specific teams.

We look forward to receiving your enquiry.

Provision of services by the centres of expertise

Find out more about the specific services provided by the various centres of expertise of the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation.

Centre for Sensory Science

ZHAW specialist panel: the correct choice if you would like perceived sensory impressions to be expressed in words. 

ZHAW consumer panel: we are always looking for motivated consumers to come to Wadenswil and contribute to the development of food products by tasting and commenting on products in our sensory testing facility. 

Swiss olive oil panel (SOP): up to now the only panel in Switzerland for the sensory assessment of olive oil.

News-Info service for QM and food safety

The Centre for Quality Management and Food Law publishes the latest news on quality management and food safety on a daily basis. In addition, the news is published once a month in the form of a free Newsletter.