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Research in Food and Beverage Innovation

The Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation has gained extensive experience over many years in the fields of food and beverage technology and aroma research. It continually strives to expand its competence in the fields of microbiology, sensor technology, bakery technology, quality management, food law and nutrition. 

The expertise of the Institute has recently been further enhanced with the formation of specialist research teams in the areas of packaging technology, ingredient analysis, sustainability and energy.

Centres of expertise

The research teams from the Institute’s centres of expertise collaborate effectively and efficiently on application-oriented, interdisciplinary projects. Their project partners typically include representatives from the food industry, government agencies, official bodies and research institutions. Their many years of experience, the testimonials from successful industrial projects and their access to current research and development programmes ensure that projects will be completed efficiently utilising the most up-to-date technology and information.


Our optimal infrastructure ensures that all application-oriented research and development projects are completed competently and effectively. The Institute has pilot plant and associated technical facilities in the fields of food technology/process engineering, packaging technology, bakery technology, beverage technology, chocolate technology, extraction and decanter technology, in addition to expertise in the fundamental processes used in the processing and production of food products. Comprehensive analyses in microbiology and molecular biology, flavour and ingredients, physics and sensory are carried out in well equipped, state-of-the art-laboratories. A “Metabolic Unit" (a space designed to simulate actual practice) is used to conduct nutrition surveys, and a panel of senior citizens is also available to examine nutritional issues relating specifically to our demographically changing society.


We offer various forms of project collaboration. Projects can be carried out in the form of research collaboration, a development programme, a services assignment or a student project (semester theses, bachelor theses, master theses).

Collaboration request