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Selected Projects of the centre for nutrition

Dietary assessment tools

Several dietary assessment tools have been developed  and validated. Online tools in a web application are currently under development.

contact: Christine Brombach

Nutrition for the elderly

Diet plays a major role in determining an individual’s health, well-being  and quality of life in old age. Various studies are underway to determine  the needs of older consumers . We conduct studies  on the interdependence of  personal situations and  eating Habits.

contact: Christine Brombach

Development of functional foods and food ingredients

The need for certain vitamins and minerals increases during various stages of life (e.g. pregnancy, nursing, the elderly). In these situations, an average diet cannot ensure an adequate intake of all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Functional foods can play a vital role in meeting the requirements for supplementary vitamins and minerals while contributing to a tasty and healthy diet.

contacts: Janice Sych, Mathias Kinner

Foods of the future

Foodstuffs must meet the needs of their target consumer group. They should not only be enjoyable, they should also be healthy, provide a positive eating experience or be characterized by other outstanding or distinguishing features. 

One of our current research projects investigates how foods can be produced sustainably in the future so that they will be available for as broad a cross section of the population as possible. To this end an evaluation protocol is being compiled and foodstuffs are being evaluated for their future viability.