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Chemistry and Biotechnology Research and Services

Scientific research at the Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology is oriented towards practical industrial applications.

Our Institute aims to bring specific competences together, an approach that is increasingly in demand in the converging fields of chemistry, biology and technology. We focus on issues faced by SMEs and large industrial organisations in the pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental sectors.

Areas of focus

Sustainable Solutions

We design and optimise biotechnological, biocatalytic and chemical production processes and techniques, that are involved in the development of pharmaceutical and chemical products, with a focus on automation and digitisation. We also further develop biotechnological methods to sustainably use and recycle raw materials and energy.

Pharma Innovation

We research and develop innovative therapies based on small molecules, recombinant proteins and cells. This encompasses the entire workflow, from target proteins of therapeutic interest, through to drug discovery and pharmacology, and formulation. In addition, we also develop new ways of producing tissue models for testing, diagnostics and therapies.

Detection and Diagnostics

We apply and further develop instrumental and bioanalytical methods and technologies for the detection of individual substances. These are used in the environmental and food sectors and online, as well as for process monitoring in the life sciences. By developing new methods in laboratory diagnostics we help to ensure safe and efficient healthcare.

Smart Materials

We create nano-structured and functional materials with specific properties which are applied in various life sciences fields, such as filtration and tissue cultures. The Institute benefits from a Metrohm Foundation endowed professorship that facilitates in-depth, competence-building research in the field of new materials and functional surfaces, independently of time-limited projects.