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Knowledge Engineering

Structuring and providing expert knowledge

Information and the knowledge derived from it have become two of the most important production factors in our economy. The research group breaks down information and expert knowledge into their basic building blocks so they can be integrated into a variety of computer applications.

Expert systems and self-learning, bio-inspired algorithms are used, inter alia, to make information quickly accessible and solution-oriented. The Knowledge Engineering group develops solutions in the fields of big data, high performance computing, data communication and visualisation of multivariate data.

The technologies used range from smart-phone apps to complex integrated online systems, to Hadoop, Spark and Python in the field of high performance computing.

Areas of application

  • Collecting and analysing information, data and processes in interdisciplinary projects
  • Processing, structuring and integrating large data and knowledge bases
  • Implementing self-learning, fault-tolerant algorithms
  • Usability concepts and designs
  • Interactive communication and visualisation
  • «Internet of Things» and Industry 4.0 applications
  • High performance computing

Team members