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Research & development

We see ourselves as intermediaries between university-level basic research and its practicable application in the world of work and society as a whole.

Our skills in modeling, simulation and optimization are unique and versatile, and we cover a comprehensive range of application fields. Our proven specialists have substantial experience of implementing interdisciplinary projects with various organizations at the ZHAW, other universities of applied sciences, and national and international universities.

Fields of research

Areas of application

  • Simulations to analyze and optimize technical, scientific and social system
  • Logistics solutions based on simulation
  • Forecasting and expert systems in the field of transport logistics and market planning
  • Self-learning algorithms for recognizing patterns and objects
  • Applied bioinformatics and computational genomics
  • Simulation of biomedical systems
  • Biometrics
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics
  • Computer vision and image-based pattern recognition
  • Structuring and formulaic representation of knowledge
  • Representation of knowledge on computers
  • Computer-based processing of knowledge
  • Presentation and preparation of knowledge for interactive applications

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