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Teaching and learning using digital technology

When we use digital tools in teaching contexts, our hope is that they will enhance the learning of our students. This, however, only happens when we take full advantageof our opportunities that this new medium affords. This all-day workshop focuses on finding innovative approaches to using digital tools, which harness opportunities that could not otherwise be realized.

The Workshop is delivered using the very tools being introduced, so that the participants can experience firsthand what it's like to be students in a digitally enhanced classroom. In addition to presenting theory and tools that teachers can take with them to their next lesson, the workshop participants are also given space for hands on experimentation.

From theory to practice, this all-encompassing look at digitization in education will help to identify potential issues and challenges, as well as potential solutions.

At a glance

Qualification: Certificate of attendance

Duration: 6 h contact lessons

Costs: CHF 220.00


ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, 8820 Wädenswil (PDF 4,9MB)

Language of instruction: German, English
English and German

Objectives and content

Target audience

Teachers: Secondary and Tertiary


  • Learn how to incorporate digital tools in secondary and tertiary teaching contexts in a way that enhances student learning.
  • Finding innovative approaches to using digital tools, which harness learning opportunities that could not otherwise be realized.


Theorie, group-work, workshops, online learning

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The course is run in groups of 12 to a maximum of 20 people

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