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English teacher's Master Class

Mastery can be attained through relentless practice; however, its acquisition can be expedited by leveraging the experience of others. This two-part immersion workshop, facilitated in English by a native-speaking English teacher of long and varied experience, will bring together teachers of English who are looking to take their existing expertise to an even higher level.

The purpose is to tackle any and all areas which might prove challenging in the English-teaching classroom, be it linguistic or pedagogical. The workshops will be participant-driven, augmented by input from the facilitator, and focused on topics of most concern and interest to those taking part. Typical scenarios will be presented and participants will be encouraged to flag their own questions and “issues” in advance, so that the content is highly tailored and relevant to the particular group.

In an environment of mutual support and professional exchange, the objective is to learn from each other as to what works best, elevating each other collectively. No-one is perfect, but we can all be excellent.

At a glance

Qualification : Certificate of attendance

Start : on request

Duration : 6 hours divided into 3 hours on two separate contact days

Costs : CHF 180.00

Location : 

ZHAW, ZL Building, Room 02.06,  Lagerstrasse 45, 8004 Zürich (Map)

Language of instruction : English

Contact days dates: 

Wednesday 27.06.2018 and Wednesday 04.07.2018

Objectives and content

Target audience

Current teachers of English who are looking to expand their palette of expertise, and are keen to share their experiences and learn from others.


  • Participants have broadened their skill set for teaching English.
  • They have received clarity on points of language of concern to them.
  • They have acquired a toolbox of "top Tips" and Most Effective Teaching Strategies (METS) for tackling particularly awkward areas in the ELT classroom.


Content largely participant-driven, but would typically include:

  • Strategies for teaching vocabulary
  • Responding to (typical) student objections (spelling, collocations, need for accuracy, etc.)
  • Recognising register (Advanced vs. Formal)
  • Defining levels; what constitutes progress/being “more advanced”
  • How to teach tenses / particular grammatical concepts
  • Best practice policy in the ELT classroom
  • Clarification of “sticking points”, e.g. nuances in meaning
  • Getting pupils to participate


Oral, textual and audio-visual input; group work, including role-plays and discussions.

Enquiries and contact

  • Fachliche Auskunft

    Bennett John
    Abteilung Transversalis
    ZHAW, Life Sciences und Facility Management
    RK102, Einsiedlerstrasse 32
    8820 Wädenswil

  • Administrative Auskunft

    Claudia Ruoss-Handschin
    Weiterbildungssekretariat ZHAW
    Life Sciences und Facility Management
    Grüntalstrasse 14, Postfach
    8820 Wädenswil



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