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Tick prevention with your smartphone

The tick-app consists of a warning and an information section, showing the correct procedure to follow after a tick bite. The warning function displays the current tick-risk in an area. The dynamic warnings uses the five-stage tick bite risk scale to indicate the tick risk during outdoor activities. The information section shows you how to protect yourself from ticks.

An entry in the tick diary allows the app to automatically remind the user to check the location on their body of the tick bite for possible disease symptoms. If there is suspicion of a tick-borne disease, users are recommended to seek a doctor's advice.

The app "tick" is available  for free for iOS- and Android-smartphones and -tablets.

Download "Tick" app

  • iOS Version 7.1 or later: iPhone 4G,5,6,7; iPad, iPod touch; English
  • Android Version 4.0 or later English

Why do we need a "tick" app?

In recent years, the Federal Office of Public Health has reported 20,000 visits to the doctor because of tick bites and approximately 10,000 cases of Lyme disease. Tick-borne diseases are increasing and cause enormous costs. Because more people are active in tick habitats in their free time and because tick habitats have spread as a result of global warming, this trend is increasing. This app can help to prevent tick bites and identify Lyme disease infections early on. Thanks to the warning function and tips for safety measures to protect yourself from ticks, you can avoid being bitten in the first place.

"tick" app project partner

The "tick" app was developed with the technical assistance of the Federal Office of Public Health, the National Reference Centre for Tick-Borne Diseases and the Swiss League for Tick-Borne Diseases.
Publisher and concept: ZHAW Research Group Phytomedicine/A&K Strategy GmbH
Project partners:
Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), Fondation Sana, Office of Public Health of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Innosuisse (former KTI).
Development and technical implementation:
Andreas Garzotto GmbH, ZHAW Research Group Phytomedicine, ZHAW Research Group GIS, ZHAW Competence Center Knowledge Engineering, Meteogroup, A&K Strategy GmbH