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Biological tick control

The tick-app consists of a warning and an information section, showing the correct procedure to follow after a tick bite.

In addition to registering bites, users can send ticks that have bitten people to the National Reference Centre for Tick-borne Diseases (NRZK), where the ticks are examined to detect possible pathogens. This will make it easier to predict the prevalence of infectious diseases in the future and will help to improve analysis methods and tools.

Every 100th of received ticks detected on humans, a winner of a pocket knife "Tick Tool" is drawn by lot. Download the smartphone application - note a tick bite in the diary - send removed ticks to the lab - win a "Tick Tool".


Download "Tick" app

  • iOS Version 7.1 or later: iPhone 4G,5,6,7; iPad, iPod touch; English
  • Android Version 4.0 or later English
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