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Tick trap

Nymph on fern leaf, © ZHAW, IUNR, Bruederli.

How do the proposed ticks traps work?

Ticks are lured into the trap with scents (volatile molecules) and then retained inside. Two different methods for killing ticks are currently in development. The ticks traps should be targeted at places where many people might be bitten by ticks. These are, for example, parks, barbecue areas, playgrounds and gardens etc. Ticks should be dealt with using traps at such locations.

Do you want to eradicate ticks?

No, the tick should not be eradicated, but selectively fought. We want to reduce the risk of infection with tick-borne diseases. Because of the constant arrival of new ticks from hosts such as deer, foxes, mice and hedgehogs, they can never be completely eradicated.

When will the tick trap be available?

Authorization affairs are more complex than expected. Basic parts of the tick trap are not yet available. It is not possible to give a concrete prediction. Sorry!