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Business services at the Institute for Facility Management


The Institute for Facility Management (IFM) is a leading player in the field of facility management, and the only university-level FM institution in Switzerland with a broad public mandate for the provision of:

  • Services
  • Teaching at BSc and MSc level
  • Further education (MAS)
  • Research and development

    Business Administration and Human Resources Competency Group

    The Group offers project-based consultancy and services to both providers and consumers in the field of facility management, with an emphasis on business management, organisational and employee-related issues.

    Its areas of expertise include workplace management, customer satisfaction assessment and optimisation for FM purposes and the development, implementation and monitoring of FM strategies.

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    Prof. Dr. Lukas Windlinger Inversini

    Head of the Business Administration and HR Competency Group

    Telephone: +41 58 934 56 88

    Hospitality Management Competency Group

    The Group has an outstanding track record in the field of hospitality management, which covers topics such as catering design, textile supply, cleaning, hygiene, security, management and leadership issues and process development. As just one of its comprehensive range of consultancy and service offerings, it carries out contract-based evaluations of hospitality management processes, methods and strategic issues.

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    Prof. Dr. Susanne Hofer

    Head of the Hospitality Management Competency Group

    Telephone: +41 58 934 56 28

    Real Estate Management Competency Group

    The Group provides contract-based services relating to particular bilateral issues and/or consultancy projects, drawing on the broad range of expertise within the Institute as a whole.

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    Prof. Dr. Carsten K. Druhmann

    Head of the Real Estate Management Competency Group

    Telefon: +41 (0) 58 934 56 26

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    The aim of our consultancy services is to find the best possible solutions to current real-life problems using the innovative approaches generated by our research and development activities. Our services include:

    • Coaching and supervision
    • Client-tailored workshops
    • Lectures and presentations
    • Training courses

    Student theses

    Real-life problems are tackled within the framework of a bachelor's, master's or project-based thesis, with the support of lecturers and research associates. Students are often able to find creative solutions thanks to their unbiased perspective. Time frame < 1 year.