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Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids (Postponed to February 2022)

CSEM is delighted to invite you to the 2nd networking workshop on Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids.

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The Next Gen Organ-on-Chip & Organoids workshop is a two-day event bringing together decision-makers from the pharma & biotech industry, clinicians, organ-on-Chip suppliers, regulatory experts, and research organizations. Structured around keynote presentations from selected speakers, the workshop offers members of the OoC community a chance to gather and discuss:

  • How to accelerate the translation of advanced in-vitro models into clinical and drug development applications.
  • How to develop innovative products or services based on groundbreaking technologies.
  • How to overcome barriers associated with the adoption of new methods and technologies in a regulated environment.

The workshop offers multiple opportunities to participate, network, and present your organization to the OoC community. Use your presence at the workshop to raise your profile.

This event’s special highlights include keynote speeches by Prof. Hans Clevers, Hubrecht Institute, Netherlands, Dr. Suzanne Fitzpatrick, FDA, USA, and Prof. Matthias Lütolf, EPFL, Switzerland. The program is complemented with most recent presentations by experts from pharma, industry and academia and an exhibition with innovative products and emerging technologies on display.

The workshop is the perfect place for you to raise your profile and that of your organization in the OOC community. Participate and network at the two-day event alongside decision-makers from the pharma & biotech industry, clinicians, organ-on-chips suppliers, regulatory experts, and research organizations. You’ll find all the details about the ’Sponsorship & Exhibition Package’ in the brochure.




Start date: 1 February 2022
End date: 1 February 2022


Campus Biotech, Geneva, Switzerland