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Studying without barriers

At the School of Applied Linguistics, we make it possible for students with disabilities to have equal access to our courses of study and to participate in them independently.

The needs of students with movement disabilities or visual impairment are very individual. In each case, we discuss what measures will be necessary with the Programme Directors at the Institute of the School that is concerned, as well as with the student involved.

Upon request, students at the School of Applied Linguistics can receive support, for example, as listed below:

Visual impairment

Long texts, such as articles or chapters of books, should be submitted to Margaretha Glauser at the School for the Blind in Zollikofen.

Hearing impairment

Sign-language interpreters can be used following clarification regarding invalidity insurance (IV). Any interpreting costs not covered by invalidity insurance (IV) can be discussed with Andrea Hunziker Heeb (, the Diversity coordinator at our School.

Some of our lecture rooms are equipped with induction loop systems.

Musculoskeletal disabilities

The auditorium (back row only) and lecture room O4.01 (first row in the middle) are wheelchair-accessible. All seminar and group rooms are wheelchair-accessible or very little is needed to make them so. Wheelchair-accessible toilets are located on the second and fourth floors. Take the lift by the cafeteria. When you come out of the lift, turn right and then take the second passage on the right.

Barrier-free rooms

SM building (Theaterstrasse 15c)

SF building (Theaterstrasse 17)

A detailed list of barrier-free rooms at the School of Applied Linguistics will be appearing here soon. In the meantime, please contact Brian McGowan with any queries.

Contact persons at the School

Research in the area of barrier-free communication

Research projects on barrier-free communication are currently taking place in the following areas: