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The specialisation you choose for your second and third years of study allows you to individualise your study profile and to focus on subject areas related to specific professional activities.

Oral Communication & Language Mediation

In Oral Communication & Language Mediation, you focus on oral communication in a variety of contexts and develop your intercultural competence. You learn how to coordinate a project or organise an event, and you learn about the principles of professional social media communication.

Oral Communication & Language Mediation students also have the chance to practise dialogue interpreting.

Multimodal Communication & Translation

In Multimodal Communication & Translation, you focus primarily on written communication. You develop your written translation skills, and you learn to use a variety of technical translation tools and how to process language for various media, e. g. subtitling, respeaking and web translation.

Brevity, conciseness and faithfulness to the original message – these are the challenges facing Multimodal Communication & Translation students when they study subtitling.

Technical Communication & Information Design

In Technical Communication & Information Design, the focus lies on communication at the interface between humans and machines. You learn how to present technical content in an intelligible, user-friendly manner and how to convey this content to different target groups and media.

By working in our usability lab, students specialising in Technical Communication & Information Design gain an insight into the user-friendliness of products.