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Programme structure

JO is a flexible BA degree programme for newcomers to the field and for those who have already acquired experience and wish to combine study with practical work. The level of your course, which culminates in the award of a Federally recognised, university of applied sciences BA in Communication is set by us. Your selection of individual modules determines its profile.

Although each of the semester modules is self-contained, the modules are linked with each other. All regular examinations, including those at the end of each module, take place during the modules themselves, not during the semester holidays. Later modules have clearly defined links with earlier ones, on which they are designed to build.

Before starting their studies, students need to prepare to meet the challenges they will face in the first modules. They will also need to inform the programme director whether they wish to be part-time or full-time students in the first year of studies. In the course of the second semester, students decide whether they wish to continue part-time or full-time.


The Communication degree course introduces students to a range of  typical professional roles in journalism and organisational communication and teaches them how to structure the communication processes they involve. Students also develop their self-competence, social and technical skills in four specific areas of study: