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The following school-leaving examination diplomas qualify students to apply to enrol:

  • Swiss vocational secondary school diploma (Berufsmatura)
  • Swiss secondary school diploma (gymnasiale Matura)
  • Swiss specialised secondary school diploma (Fachmatura)

Candidates holding a recognised Swiss vocational baccalaureate (Berufsmatura), or Swiss specialist baccalaureate (Fachmatura) will be admitted to the first semester of study without any additional practical work experience, provided they pass the admissions assessment. Candidates holding a Swiss high school baccalaureate (gymnasiale Matura) are also expected to have completed a full year of employment in order to be admitted. While the IAM does not require such students to have practical work experience in communications, experience in this professional field is an advantage. Candidates must have completed their year of employment no later than the date on which their course of study commences.

Candidates who have completed other courses of school study can also be admitted, provided that they have reached levels of scholastic achievement and have employment experience which are comparable to those detailed above. Recognition of qualifications obtained in countries other than Switzerland will be decided upon by the programme director, in accordance with applicable ZHAW guidelines.

Admissions procedure

In addition to the formal admission requirements which apply to any degree programme at a university of applied sciences, success in the JO course of study and the professions for which it prepares students also critically depends on students exhibiting above-average suitability for and interest in the communications professions. Before each course of study, the IAM therefore carries out an admissions assessment to gauge the extent to which candidates possess these attributes. These admissions assessments are jointly conducted by selection experts and specialists working in the communications field.

Participation in an admissions assessment, which is a prerequisite for enrolment to study at the IAM, costs CHF 600. The admissions assessment consists of a 4-hour written paper and a 30-minute oral examination. It assesses the extent to which candidates correspond to the profile of requirements necessary for going on to develop appropriate professional competence. It thus supports an assessment of candidates’ future success in their studies and subsequent professional careers.