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Career prospects

In the diverse, international world of multilingual communication, there is a demand for graduates with the competences and skills students acquire in our BA in Applied Languages.

Language professionals – featuring Hazel Brugger (in German, with English subtitles)

The career opportunities for graduates with a BA in Applied Languages are very diverse. Depending on where your interests and strengths lie, you can gain a foothold in a wide range of areas. Whether you work as a mediator or translator between cultures and languages, as a communicator in the international business world, as a designer of visual user interfaces, as a writer of user manuals, as a usability expert, as a subtitler of films and television programmes or as a translation project manager – your primary role is to ensure understanding and communication.

An interview with BA programme co-director Anna-Katharina Pantli, videos featuring our graduates (in German only) and the career profiles on our blog give you an idea of the range of career opportunities available.

Graduates at work

Jobs and internships

Find selected job advertisements in the field of technical communication and information design. These are particularly relevant to students and graduates who are studying or have completed the specialisation in Technical Communication and Information Design in the BA in Applied Languages.

Continue your studies

Apart from opening the door to a wide range of professions, a BA in Applied Languages allows you to pursue specialised postgraduate studies by completing a Master’s degree or continuing education programme. The School of Applied Linguistics offers the following options:

You can also complete a Master’s degree in the field of language and communication at a different university here or abroad.