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We conduct research and consulting projects to help you optimise your product documentation and ensure its effectiveness as the interface between your product and your target group.

Augmented reality applications in technical documentation

In augmented reality (AR) applications, reality is extended (or augmented) contextually through visual, linguistic and numerical data which can be published on various media (e.g. Tablet PC or data glasses). Initial research results show that AR applications hold considerable potential for companies in the field of technical communication as well. Whether this potential can be fully exploited largely depends on the extent to which company-specific goals and the particular usage context are taken into account.

Under certain circumstances, the implementation of AR applications can take advantage of existing components from conventional technical documentation. However, in order to exploit this new form of technical documentation, new concepts for presenting information need to be developed. And these have to differ from existing concepts because AR involves a paradigm shift with regard to how the information product is used in the workplace. At the same time, since AR applications are not intended or able to replace a company’s existing technical documentation completely, it is important that the data on which the technical documentation is based is edited in such a way as to “leave the door open” and create an ideal foundation for all purposes.

Usability testing

We work with various industry partners in the field of usability testing. In our usability lab, we can test the user-friendliness (usability) of technical products, software applications or technical documentation, for example.

By engaging focus groups to participate in tests, we can evaluate the opinions and ideas of potential users at an early stage of a product’s development. This procedure has an additional great advantage for our project partners: thanks to the interaction that takes place within a group of participants, important issues and the reasons behind their evaluations, comments, etc. are clearer than is usually the case in surveys conducted with individuals. For a comparatively low financial and time investment, our project partner (or client) thus gains important insights into how the product is perceived before it is launched on the market.

Documentation analysis

Technical documentation has to meet diverse, far-reaching requirements. We can conduct expert analyses to test the effectiveness of your documentation and, on request, carry out user tests as well. These procedures allow us to identify clear indications of strengths and weaknesses and to make proposals for improvements.

Weak point analysis and optimisation of documentation processes

Many companies create their own technical documentation in-house, but the results are not always satisfactory in terms of quality and investment. We can carry out a weak point analysis of your documentation process and work with you to develop concepts designed to optimise this process in line with your company’s specific requirements.

In doing this, we can focus on different objectives according to your needs. One objective might be a process in which documentation takes place along the value-added chain, thereby ensuring consistency of information all the way from the development of a product to its disposal. The advantages of this type of documentation process are manifold: cost-savings, improvement in content and service quality, shorter reaction times and consistent corporate design.

On request, we can organise workshops for your staff to work on the identified weak points and to demonstrate opportunities for optimisation.

Individual documentation concepts

What should the different types of product documentation contain? In what order should the content be presented? How should the documents ideally be designed? What level of language is appropriate? At the initial stage of text creation, what should be taken into account with regard to the need for translations in the future? Which is the most appropriate medium? These are the kinds of questions we are used to dealing with. And we can provide you with answers tailored to your product and company-specific requirements.


We can help you adapt your export products and their documentation to local conditions, taking into account linguistic, cultural and sociological aspects.

Terminology / Corporate language

Terminology work has an impact on many areas within a company, including construction, production, marketing, technical documentation, translation.

Our projects can include consultancy services for terminology work in your company, covering, for example, the following aspects: