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Language for Special Purposes and Knowledge Transfer

In the professorship of Language for Special Purposes and Knowledge Transfer, we analyse problems that our partners have with challenging specialised texts (e.g. technical jargon). For example, we investigate how you can clearly explain a medical research project to patients (in German only). To accomplish this, we work with linguistic models that localise comprehensibility on several levels of language use. This is necessary because specialised terms that are difficult to understand are often only part of the problem that lay people are confronted with when they want to understand challenging specialised texts, and complex issues often go hand-in-hand with complicated sentences and text structures. When we show how such texts can be optimised, we also open the door to solutions that produce recurring benefits for all those involved. 

Our projects adhere to the following three principles: our research aims to solve language-related problems for industry partners; our projects focus on standardised texts for multiple use that are produced using templates (e.g. medical bills); and our projects improve communication between experts and (non-)experts in our knowledge-based society.

Research-based teaching

Members of the professorship of Language for Special Purposes and Knowledge Transfer teach in various academic programmes and Schools, both in degree programmes such as the BA in Language and Integration, the BA in Applied Languages and the MA in Applied Linguistics, as well as in continuing education courses such as the CAS Translation Technology and AI, the CAS Translation and the CAS Discussion Mediation.

The content of the lessons is based on neuralgic points in the context of our knowledge-based society, for example communication between experts and laypeople. The range of topics is broad and includes specialised text linguistics, language and risks, terminology, translation, migratory experiences, text theories and academic work.