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The IAM’s consultants provide support to clients from the fields of journalism and organisational communication.

By analysing shortfalls in communication or other concerns clients may have, they are able to develop systematic, scientifically based solutions and to assist clients in their implementation. The objective is to enable these professions to derive direct practical benefit from the insights provided by media studies, linguistics and the IAM’s own research.

The advantages offered by this scientifically based approach to communications consultancy are:

  • that scientifically based consultancy is systematic, transparent and resource-oriented. Not only does it help clients to achieve solutions, it also provides them with greater knowledge and expertise. It also helps to provide team development opportunities.

  • that scientifically based consultancy is independent. The solutions it puts forward are specific to each client’s needs, and free from bias towards particular actions, media channels or forms of publication.

  • that scientifically based consultancy harnesses the core competences of IAM consultants engaged in scientific work on a day-to-day basis, thus providing clients with the most recent scientific insights.