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SACM Annual Conference 2020

Winterthur, ZHAW November 20, 2020

There is a variety of definitions of media literacy that go beyond the classical understanding of media competence. Media literacy is often defined as the way broadcasters and recipients of public and semi-public communication construct and receive media content. In the course of digital change, the term media literacy has increasingly moved into educational policy and economic contexts and is seen as an instrument for political and economic goals. The aim of the SACM 2020 is therefore to examine media literacy from different perspectives (including theoretical, methodological, multidisciplinary, historical) and to discuss it in different professional contexts.

Call for papers

The call for papers for this conference has ended. Thank you for the contributions.


The conference will take place at the School of Applied Linguistics in Winterthur. Situated 25 kilometres north-east of Zurich, Winterthur is Switzerland’s sixth largest city and offers a rich cultural life as well as excellent travel connections in all directions. It is located near Zurich’s international airport, which is only 20 minutes away by train or car.

We recommend travelling to the school by public transport, since it can be easily reached by train or bus and we cannot offer any parking on campus. However, paid short- and long-term parking spots are available nearby. The main train station, which is served by numerous regional, national and international express trains, is only a short five-minute walk away.

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