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Staff support

The ZHAW offers staff an attractive range of support services.


ZHAW staff members can consult our counselling services free of charge, for example, in a conflict or crisis situation or when dealing with equal opportunity and diversity issues. We also aim to ensure that all members of the university who have a disability or chronic illness can participate fully in the ZHAW working environment and make full use of our infrastructures.

Accommodation for incoming staff

In Winterthur, modern, well-equipped flats are available to incoming staff. These flats are close to the city centre and can be rented for a minimum of two weeks.

University library

The ZHAW has a modern university library at each of its three locations. These libraries have a very wide range of specialist literature and also provide attractive working places, in the unique „Lernlandschaft“ at the Winterthur location, for example. The libraries are open to all staff members.

Child care

The ZHAW helps its employees to find childcare places. It also provides income-based subsidies for nursery fees.


The Academic Sports Association Zurich ASVZ offers students, staff and alumni of the ETH Zurich, the University of Zurich and the ZFH a wide variety of sports and fitness activities at all the ZHAW locations. The Association’s range of services includes more than 80 different types of sport, a modern infrastructure and expert advice/supervision.


The ZHAW offers staff members and students reasonably-priced catering services, ranging from kiosks and cafeterias to canteens, at all its locations. Campus card holders enjoy reductions at various restaurants as well.