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Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are an integral part and mandatory in establishing a catalogue of learning goals for any bachelor or master degree programme.

The learning outcomes for health profession education at a university of applied sciences in Switzerland have been determined in a collaborative project headed by the Rectors' Conference of the Swiss Universities (swissuniversities) and participating professional associations, government agencies, universities of applied sciences and in particular OdASanté.

CanMEDS 2005

The job-related competencies of healthcare professionals with a degree from a university of applied sciences are based on the reference model of "CanMEDS 2005", which has been developed in a broad-based process for medical education in Canada and has become the international standard. It has already been tested in the medical profession and is now given greater importance in the health profession. Expert knowledge alone is no longer sufficient to cope with today's requirements. In particular the stronger focus on interprofessional collaborative practice requires the professional roles to become more and more specialised.

Focus on seven professional roles

CanMEDS 2005 defines seven professional roles that constitute the competencies deemed necessary for successful functioning:

  1. Scholar
  2. Professional
  3. Communicator
  4. Collaborator
  5. Manager
  6. Health Advocate
  7. Medical Expert