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Winter School 2019

The Winter School of the ZHAW School of Health Professions turns 5! Together with 150 international students and 30 international teachers we celebrated our 5th anniversary.

Also this year, French, Swedish and English snatches of conversations swirled through the air all January. 156 students and 30 teachers from 17 different countries visited the 5th international Winter School «Challenges in Interprofessional Health and Social Systems». Students and teacher did not only speak different languages, but also came from many different professions: apart from the health professions taught at ZHAW, future special needs educators, environmental engineers and dieticians participated.

Our new course «Health in demanding settings» was a full success and gave insights into very interesting institutional settings and their challenges: from a homeless shelter, a nursing home for drug addicts to a prison.

Quotes from participants

«Getting to know ZHAW was fascinating and inspiring. Also the exchange with the local Swiss students was very exciting and insightful.»
«Next time, I would choose an English course, because in my German course were only Swiss and German students (of course :-)).»
«Exchanging and working across different health professions (Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, and Midwifery) was simply fascinating!»
«In particular, I liked the workshop on the Zurich Resource Model (Züricher Ressourcenmodell) as this was very practical and a new approach for me.»

Gallery Winter School 2019