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Winter School 2018

Already for the fourth time the ZHAW School of Health Professions welcomed around 150 international students and 30 international teachers to the international Winter School on «Challenges in Interprofessional Health and Social Care».

Our Winter School has nearly reached its maximum capacity: again, we had around 150 students and 30 teachers from 15 countries, representing 14 professions. This year we welcomed participants from Australia, India, South Korea, the US, Japan, Mongolia, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, England and of course from Switzerland.

The good news: Starting 2019, we will have a new course in the Winter School, which is currently being developed by the team of our new Bachelor program in «Health Promotion and Prevention». The details are still top-secret, but the topic will be around health in demanding contexts and the language will be an innovative mixed format of German and English.

We are looking forward to the next Winter School, taking place from 7 January to 1 February 2019!

Quotes from participants

«A research department in a clinic is nothing special, even in Germany. But a research department dealing with research related to physio-, occupational and other therapies I have never seen before.»

«A great highlight was the lecture on ‹Bringing occupational therapy into the media›. In german-speaking Switzerland there seems to be a much stronger focus on this important topic.»

«We were guests of a mysterious imaginary tribe, we attended the Oscars… and yes, besides we used the word ‹diversity› quite many times a day.»