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Interview with Rosa Overmeer and Rik Stender

Where do you come from and what do you study?

I’m Rik Stender and I come from Amsterdam. I live near Amsterdam and I study Occupational therapy. I am 19.

I am Rosa Overmeer and I am doing the same. Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy in the second year. I am 21.

Why did you participate at the International Winter School?

Rosa: We want to get more in contact with international students and look a little bit broader than our own school in Amsterdam and see what’s the difference in other countries.

Rik: I experienced other exchanges at my highschool and I liked it very much. That was a trigger to participate in this Winter School.

Is there something particular that you like at this Winter School so far? What was the most exciting thing?

Rosa: I like the lectures of this day (Media/ PR) because the teacher was very enthusiastic and it was a very interesting story.

Rik: And it was from the perspective of journalism and not again all occupational therapy. So that was a new perspective.  

How do like Winterthur as a city? Is there something you like in particular? What?

Rik: We do couchsurfing near the station and it’s very good. We are very happy with the place. We stay with students. And, we walked through Winterthur yesterday and I didn’t expect it to be such a nice city. 

How is studying at your university? Is it similar or different to here? What is different?

Rosa: There are differences in the school program: I was wondering if it was in Germany or here in Switzerland that they have a three year Bachelor program instead of a four year. And the internships are different: some schools have three, we have two over a longer period, more days.

Rik: It was special for me, there are a lots of spaces here for handicraft and stuff like that. At our location it’s only one room. So that’s another big difference. The school is about the same like here but the space they have here for occupational therapy is a lot more. Other things we haven’t seen in two days.

The International Winter School has just begun. So far, what do you take home with you from this Winter School? Inspiration, ideas, friendships …?

Rik: I by myself I am a quite critical about OT because it’s not always clear, everyone says something different about it, what it is, why it is important. And I like to hear from the different perspectives of different countries and also from different perspectives of schools within the country. That helps me to specify my own view on occupational therapy.

Rosa: You said it today after the lectures of journalism: “Yes, that’s what I like to do with occupational therapy, to bring it more into the media."

Rik: I don’t want to do only occupational therapy; I always also like journalism.