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Winter School 2020: 6-31 January 2020

Challenges in Interprofessional Health and Social Services

A cooperation between the ZHAW School of Health Professions, the ZHAW School of Social Work, the INUAS and the COHEHRE network.

We offer a unique opportunity to meet Swiss and other international students to discuss similarities and differences when collaborating interprofessionally within the health and social system. Together, students of health professions and social work learn during role plays, study visits and interactive lectures about working together in interprofessional teams, about different health and social systems or how to sensibly act with clients from different cultures. At the same time, the beauty of the Swiss Winter Mountains is only a short travel away.

Courses and timeframe

We offer seven different one-week courses students can choose from. Participants can choose one course per week. A stay of one week up to four weeks is possible (choosing one up to four different courses).

Credits: 2 ECTS per week after successful assessment.


  1. Counselling (German)
  2. Crisis and Coping (German)
  3. Interprofessional Collaboration (German)
  4. Diversity in Health Professions (English)
  5. Study Visits to Swiss Health and Social Care Institutions (English)
  6. Professional Identity and its Visibility (English)
  7. Health in demanding settings (German and English)

Group sizes: courses 1-4, 6 and 7 host up to 120 students while course 5 only takes 25 students.

International classroom: the German courses (1-3, 7) are less international (around 90% Swiss students) as the courses offered in English (4-7; 20-50% Swiss students).

Target group

Target group:

Special requirements:


Students need to be nominated by their home university. Please contact your local international coordinator if you wish to participate.

After nomination, students need to register here. Registration opens 1 July and closes on 15 October 2019.

Teachers are also welcome – please contact before 30 July 2019 if you wish to contribute to one of the courses.

Costs and accommodation for students

Course: € 50 per 1-week-course

Included: teaching, transportation to institutional visits, part of the social program

Extra costs:

Social program

Monday: Welcome reception

Tuesday: International dinner – please bring your local specialities

Availability of places

The courses have limited capacity for international students, so we recommend you to contact your local international coordinator already before the summer.


The courses take place at ZHAW School of Health Professions, Winterthur, Switzerland.

Address: Technikumstrasse 71, 8400 Winterthur

Winterthur is a very pretty, small town near Zurich. The cities of Zurich, Berne and Lucerne as well as the Swiss mountains with its skiing resorts are easily reachable by public transport.