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Bachelor degree programmes

Five bachelor degree programmes under one roof

Major challenges face today's healthcare system: we are living longer today and with increasing age our demands for medical treatments, care and rehabilitation also increase. Medical and technological advances constantly require professionals to adapt to new requirements and place high demands on health professionals and their training and continuing education.

Occupational Therapy – «Giving Relief is a Relief»

Occupational therapists focus on helping people with impaired mobility or people at risk of impaired mobility to improve their skills. They seek to treat, support and advise patients in order to maintain and enhance individual quality of life and health.

Health Promotion and Prevention

The Bachelor in Health Promotion and Prevention is a unique study course in Switzerland and was held for the first time in autumn 2016. The study programme focuses on the implementation of public health interventions for various groups in the population.

Midwifery – «On Board from the Very Start»

Midwives offer a most comprehensive array of healthcare services to women and their families such as continuous support and advice during pregnancy, labour, the postpartum period and breastfeeding. In doing so, they work in a spirit of partnership and empathy with the women and their families.

Nursing – «In the Midst of Life»

Nursing is a versatile profession that focuses on the individual's health, psychological and social needs. The nursing profession needs specialists who maintain a high-level overview in a complex system and who can develop innovative solutions.

Physiotherapy – «Made to Move Everybody»

Physiotherapy practitioners are specialists in movement. They independently develop rehabilitation plans based on the patients' needs and experiences to improve mobility, strength, endurance and performance capacity.

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