The School of Health Professions is one of Switzerland's largest and most prestigious centres for training and continuing education in health care professions.

Preparing for a career in the health professions

Once students have successfully completed their respective university studies in the School of Health Professions, they are prepared for a new career with the degree awarded to them from the ZHAW.

    Bachelor degree programmes (BSc)

    The Bachelor degree programmes (BSc) from the School of Health Professions are internationally recognised and offer graduates a wide range of job opportunities within the health care system at home and abroad.

    Master degree programmes (MSc)

    Subsequent Master degree programmes (MSc) are aimed to get in-depth professional knowledge and enhance practical skills with a direct link to practice:

    International courses

    What about a semester or a clinical placement abroad? The School of Health Professions encourages student mobility! A semester or a clinical placement abroad is a priceless experience and offers the opportunity to learn how health professions are taught and practised in other countries. During their studies, students are regularly informed about international opportunities.

    Studying at the ZHAW in Winterthur

    The Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW, with almost 10,000 registered students, covers a number of institutes and departments under its roof making the ZHAW one of Switzerland's largest universities of applied sciences. With its headquarters located in Winterthur close to the old town, the ZHAW can pride itself on an attractive campus in an historic setting only a few minutes away from the main train station. There are almost 1,300 undergraduate and graduate students registered in the four different institutes of the School of Health Professions which has moved to a new building.

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