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Research in Nursing

The research team at the Institute of Nursing supports clinical nursing practice through applied research and development projects by focusing on optimal nursing care in homes, hospitals and communities.

Key research subjects

  • Acute-critical care
  • Community-based, integrated care (home care nursing “Spitex”), with emphasis on the organisation of nursing handovers
  • Inclusion of families and social networks (family nursing)
  • Nursing interventions as part of rehabilitation
  • Social conditions for the quality and professionalisation of nursing practice

What we offer

Our research team offers the following services to clients and practice partners:

  • Development and implementation of research projects with institutions in the healthcare system
  • Monitoring of development processes in institutions
  • Quality evaluations
  • Conceptual processing
  • Preparing expert opinions

Projects and publications

The Nursing Science Research Unit focuses on acute-critical care, community-based, integrated care (home care nursing “Spitex”), nursing interventions as part of rehabilitation, the inclusion of families and social networks (family nursing) and social conditions for the quality and professionalisation of nursing practice.

All projects and publications of the Nursing Science Research Unit are listed according to the start date and publication date in the ZHAW project and publication database.

Clients and research partners

We develop offers that are tailored to the needs and questions of our practice partners and clients. For this purpose a wide range of quantitative and qualitative research methods and other tools are available to us.

We offer a modern infrastructure and a wide range of competencies, supplemented by interdisciplinary networking within ZHAW as well as by our close cooperation with international experts in various subject areas.

In interdisciplinary projects we work together with the Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Physiotherapy and Health Sciences research groups at the School of Health Sciences.

Our research team

The research team in nursing employs doctoral professionals in nursing science, scientific staff and assistants with practical and research experience at home and abroad.