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Video clips with everyday tips for the elderly

Putting on socks, slipping on a pullover or rising from a chair – for many older people, everyday tasks like these are a challenge. As part of a research project, the Occupational Therapy Research Unit created video clips showing alternative strategies that can help senior citizens to cope with everyday tasks.

The elderly population is growing throughout Europe. By 2035, the 65- to 79-year-old age group will make up a quarter of the total population. As people age, their motor skills decline, which means that everyday activities like getting dressed, getting out of bed or rising from a chair become more difficult.

Assistive devices and alternative movement patterns

Based on data from an EU research project, the Occupational Therapy Research Unit developed video clips showing strategies to facilitate everyday activities. The videos focus on alternative movement patterns and assistive devices, and they aim to help senior citizens preserve their independence and lighten the burden of caregivers. Occupational therapists can use the videos to demonstrate therapy components to their clients or give them exercises to do at home. The project was financed by the Stiftung Ergotherapie and carried out with project partners Rheumaliga Schweiz and Seniorenvereinigung VASOS. The videos were developed in cooperation with senior citizens and their family members as well as health professionals.

Silke Neumann
Research assistant
+41 (0) 58 934 49 76