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Digitalisation has brought about societal and technological change across all areas of life. With its know-how, the ZHAW School of Engineering makes a crucial contribution to the digitalisation process, both in its education and continuing education programmes and its research and development activities.


Smart production sites and robots executing ever more complex tasks has a marked effect on the everyday work of engineers. They will increasingly plan, steer and monitor processes, solve problems and coordinate cross-disciplinary tasks, all of which requires solid digitalisation skills. This is why specialist skills and knowledge in Information Technology and Data Analysis are being taught from the first semester in all ZHAW School of Engineering degree programmes. Practical and, in part, interdisciplinary projects form a key part of the curriculum, fostering generic skills such as working in a team, communication skills as well as project and process management. In addition to conventional forms of learning and teaching, digital methods are being applied inteaching, among them interactive simulations, interconnected knowledge platforms and Virtual Reality environments.

Digital forms of teaching

Continuing Education

Digitalisation may open up a range of opportunities, but it also requires new business models, processes and customer relationships. Plants, systems and entire businesses are increasingly data driven. It is against this background that Data Science has evolved to be one of the key components in any successful transformation strategy. The ZHAW School of Engineering therefore offers a range of continuing education programmes in the fields of Data Science and Industry 4.0.

Continuing education programmes

"Intelligent interconnectedness not only plays an increasingly important role in industry, but in almost all areas of life."

Research and Development

Behind buzzwords such as Data Science, Deep Learning, Smart City or Industry 4.0, new areas of research explore the chances and risks of an intelligently interconnected world. The complexity of these topics requires knowledge from various disciplines and the ability to work together in expert networks. This is why the ZHAW School of Engineering has created theme-based platforms for researchers across specialisations to bundle their know-how. They support companies, institutions and the administration in their transformation processes and in the development of new models for both business and living.

Interdisciplinary Platforms