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Civil Engineering and Building Technology (CEBT)

You specialise in and extend your knowledge of civil engineering in the "Civil Engineering and Building Technology" programme.

You learn about interdisciplinary planning of complex construction projects and their implementation under time and cost pressure. You continually check the use of new technologies, acquire know-how for building maintenance, sustainable building and natural hazards.

Core competences

Your core competences comprise the design, conception, development and implementation of new products or processes in the construction industry. During the studies, you deepen your knowledge of structural analysis, building maintenance, natural hazards, project and life cycle management. You also deepen your mathematical competences to solve problems numerically and to perform detailed statistical evaluations.

Methodological and management competences

As well as the technical competences, methodological and management competences are central elements of the Master course. After the studies, you are familiar with various approaches for tackling complex problems and are able to select the best possible procedure according to the situation.

You participate in current research projects during your studies. You review the international knowledge base for defined problems and develop your own solution approaches that you can assess with regard to technical, ecological and economic aspects and in relation to their sustainability.

The Civil Engineering and Building Technology programme covers the following competence field:

Compulsory modules in the field of expertise

Civil Engineering and Building Technology sample study plan

Institutes and Centres to study Civil Engineering and Building Technology