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Business Engineering and Production (BEP)

The specialist field "Business Engineering & Production (BEP)" concentrates on the development and provision of services and the management of production and operational processes.

After graduating from the Master's programme, you will be able to manage large-scale projects and assume leadership roles. You will be able to professionally develop, produce and provide services such as those relating to mass-produced items, as is traditionally the case for industrial goods.

Core competences

The core competences of this specialist area include the analysis, organisation and optimisation of flows of information, material and values. The course of study provides in-depth knowledge of the mathematical foundations required for this purpose as well as the tools of information technology. Methods from the field of engineering are applied here, as well as approaches used in business administration and the science of management.

Methodological and management competences

Methodological and management competences account for a large part of the Master's degree course. The specialist subject of BEP is organised into the following fields of expertise:

Mandatory modules according to field of expertise

Institutes and Centres to study Business Engineering and Production: