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Specialist fields

The umbrella term MSE (Master of Science in Engineering) denotes seven separate Master's courses in engineering known as specialist subjects. The specialist subjects divide the very broad field of engineering science into suitable interdisciplinary specialisation areas of focus. ZHAW School of Engineering offers the following specialist subjects: Business Engineering and Production (BEP), Energy and Environment (EE), Industrial Technologies (InT), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Civil Engineering and Building Technology (CEBT).

When choosing a specialist subject, you specify a particular focus and determine your general direction of specialisation without having to focus strongly. The specialist field appears after successful graduation with the title "Master of Science in Engineering ZFH with a specialisation in name of special field".

Each specialist subject is sub-divided into several fields of expertise. For each field of expertise, there are three mandatory modules, consisting of two theory modules and one basic module.

Allocation of institute / centre to specialist subjects

As a Master's student, you are allocated during your period of study to an institute/centre which has a high level of expertise in your chosen specialist subject. There, you will work on practical research and development projects. At the ZHAW School of Engineering, the areas of specialisation are distributed among the various institutes and centres as follows: