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Exchange students studying in Switzerland

«Students from Denmark see high value in the engineering that stems from Switzerland, which was why I chose ZHAW. The semester abroad has opened up a whole new world for me. I learned about job opportunities and that there is more to people than where they come from.»

Malene Møller-Nielsen, visiting student from Denmark

Student Exchange Programme

Basic information related to COVID-19  situation and countermeasures at the ZHAW is compiled on our website Below you find  specific information important for an exchange semester.

Student exchanges will continue to take place under the condition that all of the regulations issued by our Executive Board and  the Swiss authorities and those in the countries of our partner universities are observed.

The International Relations Office will support incoming and outgoing students as much as possible to ensure that you can successfully complete your exchange semester. Whenever necessary, we work out individual solutions for students.

Remain in contact with the International Relation Office (IRO) before and during your semester abroad. Keep up to date about the situation in your host country. We recommend that you organise your travel or flight plans and accommodation as close to your departure date as possible and that you take out travel cancellation insurance.

The circumstances of the pandemic can change quickly, so the guidelines and requirements from the authorities might be modified at short notice. We therefore ask you to check this website regularly.

Please feel free to contact the International Relations Office School of Engineering or the Head International Relations

Training engineers since 1874

Founded in 1874 as the Technikum Winterthur, the School of Engineering is an educational establishment with a long tradition. Today it is one of eight Schools belonging to the ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland's largest multidisciplinary University of Applied Sciences with over 11,000 students. Ever since it was founded, it has been closely associated with the development of Swiss engineering. It maintains close contacts with private enterprise and important research institutions. Students also benefit from the collaboration with partners from private enterprise, e.g. when carrying out projects and completing Bachelor's theses on behalf of companies, and in the form of current case studies cited in lectures.

Exchange semester – Bachelor's degree programme

As one of Switzerland's leading engineering schools, we offer high-quality training in eight Bachelor's degree programmes. The excellent infrastructure at the institutes and in the laboratories makes practically-oriented teaching possible. A wide range of teaching methods is employed: lectures, group teaching, practical exercises, industrial placements, blended learning and e-learning.

When registering students for an exchange semester, we give priority to those from our partner universities (Swiss-European Mobility Programme/Erasmus+ and other bilateral agreements). However, we also welcome students from universities without a partner contract with the ZHAW School of Engineering.

These students study together with their Swiss colleagues. The ZHAW School of Engineering offers a range of modules in the English language. This makes it possible for students who don't speak German to complete a meaningful semester at the ZHAW School of Engineering and to earn the generally required 30 ECTS. Incoming students with a knowledge of German can attend modules taught in German. These can be found in the module tables of the individual Bachelor's degree programmes.

Bachelor courses in English

Exchange semester application deadlines

The following deadlines apply to applications to the ZHAW School of Engineering:

Autumn semester Registration deadline 1 May
Spring semester Registration deadline 1 November

Exchange semester Master's degree programme

An exchange stay (exchange semester/masterthesis) is also possible as part of the Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) for students from our partner universities (Swiss-European Mobility Programme / Erasmus+ and other bilateral agreements). A large number of the modules on the Master's degree programme are taught in English.

«I haven’t spent a single weekend at home.»

Yannick van Til, Exchange student, Technische Universiteit Delft, Delft (Netherlands)

«I chose ZHAW for my semester abroad because I was very interested in Swiss nature. Thanks to the year abroad, I made a lot of new friends from all over the world. It was also really nice to have so many different kinds of labs for experiments. In Switzerland, students seem a bit more serious about their studies.»

Viv Marleen Tamme, visiting student from Estonia

Foundation grant for Bachelor and Master exchange students

The cost of living in Switzerland represents a hurdle for many guest students. As a result, the ZHAW School of Engineering has set up its own funding programme. Exchange students on the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programme will receive the necessary information about applying for a grant when they register.

Regular study programme

Exchange students can also complete a full Bachelor's or Master's degree programme at the ZHAW School of Engineering. The same admission conditions and application formalities apply as for Swiss students. Level C1 German skills are required.

The degree programme secretariat will be pleased to assist students with questions concerning recognition of foreign diplomas. The details and contact data are listed under the individual degree programmes.


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