Incoming Students

Exchange semester - Bachelor degree programme

We are pleased with your interest to do an exchange semester at the ZHAW School of Engineering. At the Winterthur campus (30km from Zurich) we offer exciting subject field combinations, practical instruction using the latest methods and an outstanding infrastructure of institutes and laboratories. You can attend numerous modules as part of the eight attractive and promising Bachelor programmes. Priority is given to students at our partner universities for admittance to an exchange semester (Swiss-European Mobility Programme / other Bilateral Agreement). Students from universities without a partner agreement with ZHAW are also welcome, however, and admitted whenever possible.

You will study together with your Swiss colleagues. Since the fall semester 2013, the ZHAW School of Engineering has been offering a selection of modules in English for incoming students who don't speak German. In addition to the modules in English, incoming exchange students have the possibility to do a project work at one of our 13 institutes and centres. This makes it possible for students who don't speak German to also complete a meaningful semester at the ZHAW School of Engineering and to earn the usual requirement of 30 ECTS. Incoming students who speak German may naturally also attend the German-language modules.

Application process – exchange semester

Are you interested in an exchange semester at the ZHAW School of Engineering? Please apply at the International Office of your home university. Once we have received your nomination from your home university, we will inform you about the next steps for applying to our university.


Students from institutes which do not have an exchange agreement with the ZHAW School of Engineering but wish to do an exchange semester here, may apply directly to the International Office at the ZHAW School of Engineering. Freemover exchange students pay the ZHAW tuition fee of CHF 720.- per semester (as at August 2015) plus an additional fee of CHF 500.- per semester for foreign students.

Additional information on exchange opportunities, residence permits, lodging and much more can be found in the handbook for incoming students. The handbook additionally includes a check-list of the concrete procedure for planning your study visit with us and also a list of useful links.

Application deadlines - exchange semester

For applications to the ZHAW School of Engineering the following deadlines apply :
Fall semester 1st April
Spring semester 1st November

Exchange semester – Master's programme

An exchange semester is also possible as part of the Master of Science in Engineering. Some of the modules are also taught in English.

The ZHAW School of Engineering now also has a double-degree agreement with Washington State University. Under this arrangement, MSE students can complete a combined course of study in Switzerland and the United States. You complete your first two semesters in Switzerland, during which time you study one of the areas of specialisation offered in the Master of Science in Engineering curriculum. You then complete your third and fourth semester in the United States, where you study one of three corresponding areas of specialisation and write your master’s degree thesis. In addition to your Swiss university of applied sciences degree you also receive a university degree from Washington State University. This means that you have full access to the US university system, including the possibility of writing a PhD in the United States.

Scholarship ZHAW School of Engineering

The high financial cost is a great obstacle for many incoming students in Switzerland. For this reason the School of Engineering created a special support programme for Incomings to the Bachelor programme. Each year Incomings will be granted a scholarship, to allow them to study abroad at the School of Engineering.

Full-time studies

It is also possible for foreign students to complete the entire course of studies at the ZHAW School of Engineering. The application process is the same as for other students. The application deadlines must be met. Knowledge of German should be at least at C1 level. The degree programme secretariat will be happy to assist you with questions concerning recognition of foreign diplomas. Details and contact information for the individual degree programmes can be found at Degree programme.


Further Information