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Careers after bachelor's degree Materials and Process Engineering


Depending on their interests, a wide range of development and consulting jobs are open to engineers with a degree in Materials and Process engineering. The range of activities is just as diverse as the materials and processes themselves. Companies from all industrial sectors are in search of new materials and processes to design products which are lighter, more efficient, more convenient, more ecological, faster, safer and more intelligent.


  • Selection of structural materials made from metals, ceramics, or polymers for the development of new products
  • Optimisation of product properties
  • Development of materials and coatings for micro and nano technology, optics, packaging, medical technology, energy technology, solar technology or cars
  • Performance of damage analyses and the development of problem solutions
  • Design, construction and operation of manufacturing systems for modern products or test stands
  • Model development and simulation of processes such as for environmentally friendly material separation for modern fuels and foodstuffs
  • Development of processes for the manufacture of basic materials and energy sources, for example from renewable raw materials
  • The opening up of new applications and markets for new products
  • Employee training and advising of customers and purchasers
  • Technical supervision, quality assurance, process improvement, project and operation management in the production process
“I learned how to get a project going and manage it, how to plan my time and also how to keep track of many different projects running at the same time.”

Sonja Merelli, Materials and Process Engineering graduate, Materials & Process engineer at Pilatus Flu-gzeugwerke AG

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Basic research

  • In-depth scientific research in collaboration with or in the university institutes

Management, marketing and sales

  • Technical, financial and scheduling responsibility for projects and people
"The MV study program provides a broad basis for subsequent professional work in the sector of materials and their processing and reshaping."

Roger Christinger, Graduate Materials and Process Engineering, R&D Engineer bei Acrostak Schweiz

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Finding a job and salary expectations after graduating

Half our graduates found their first job within one month of graduating, and the majority found a job within three months.

An entry-level salary for engineers and architects is CHF 81,900. In different sectors this may vary, however, especially in the energy industry, where salaries are significantly higher. Graduates of Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science can also expect a higher entry-level salary. Once graduates have been working for several years, their average annual salary will be approximately CHF 117,000. (Source: Saläre für Ingenieure und Architekten – Sonderbeilage Swiss Engineering).