Full-time studies

Curriculum structure

The full-time model for the Bachelor programme lasts six semesters. The first two semesters form the assessment level, which equips students with the mathematical-scientific and technical foundations for the different engineering disciplines. Passing this assessment is the requirement for admission into the main study programme.

The main study programme starts with the third semester and focuses on courses dealing with the programme-specific subjects. During the entire final year, you will create an individual profile for your degree with specialisations, majors and optional subjects – along with your Bachelor’s thesis, which you will write on a selected topic and often in close cooperation with a company.

Yearly structure

The autumn semester begins in mid-September in calendar week 38, while the spring semester begins at the end of February in calendar week 8. In the first year of studies, the mandatory student orientation week is held beforehand in calendar week 37.

Each semester lasts 14 weeks. The teaching is conducted primarily in the form of lectures, group teaching, exercises and laboratory training. The two-week examination period at the end of the semester is held following the study weeks. Each module is concluded with a module examination.

The semester break lasts three weeks between the autumn and spring semesters and eleven weeks between the spring and autumn semesters. Block weeks, summer schools and other study options may be held during the semester break, depending on the course of studies, the study model and the year of studies.