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Important tools for sustainable forms of energy and mobility of the future

Stephanie Baumann studied transportation systems at the ZHAW because she was interested in public transport and its management from an early age. After completing her studies, she now works at SBB as a facility manager and is responsible for ensuring that train passengers at the stations reach their destinations safely and quickly.

Stephanie Baumann was already interested in the complex subject of transport and everything related to it before she started her studies. When she completed an internship at SBB after graduating from high school, it was clear to her that she would later like to work in the public transport sector. When she was looking for a relevant subject, she came across the ZHAW School of Engineering and the Transportation Systems study offered there. "I found the only bachelor's degree on this subject at the ZHAW," recalls ZHAW graduate Baumann. The decision was made quickly.

"We collect and analyze vast amounts of data, so I can really use the knowledge I gained in my studies in statistics in this area."

Stephanie Baumann, ZHAW graduate and facilities manager at SBB

Control the flow of passengers at train stations

And she hasn't regretted her decision to this day. After completing her bachelor's degree in summer 2020, Stephanie Baumann started her job at SBB in Bern as a technological asset manager in the field of crowd management. "Here, I mainly deal with the flow of people at train stations with the aim of ensuring that all passengers get from A to B safely," Baumann explains her field of activity. In this position, the ZHAW graduate is repeatedly involved in projects, for example currently in one that is intended to help better distribute travelers at train stations. "In order to alert passengers to narrow spaces on the platforms, we set up screens in front of these areas, on which displayed information is intended to motivate people to move on", explains Baumann. In this way, as few passengers as possible should accumulate in areas where there is little room to move around.

General overview of the world of transport

Stephanie Baumann has always been able to profitably use the contents of her studies in her work. "We collect and analyze vast amounts of data, so I can really use the knowledge I gained in my studies in statistics in this area." The course is the right choice for anyone interested in transport, mobility in general and everything related to it: "The bachelor's degree gives you a well-founded overview of the world of transport," summarizes ZHAW graduate Stephanie Baumann.