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Shaping the Mobility of the Future

How can mobility become more sustainable, and how can we further develop public transportation? These questions motivated Stephanie Baumann to study Mobility Science at ZHAW. Today, she works at SBB as a facilities manager, responsible for ensuring that train passengers can safely and quickly reach their destinations at train stations.

Stephanie Baumann was interested in the complex topic of mobility and everything related to it even before she started her studies. After completing an internship at SBB following her graduation, she knew that she wanted to work in the public transportation field. While searching for a relevant program, she came across ZHAW and its full-time and part-time degree program in Mobility Science, which is the only bachelor's degree program that deals with the sustainable development of passenger and freight transport as a whole system. "At ZHAW, I found the only bachelor's program that deals with the sustainable development of passenger and freight transport as a whole system," recalls ZHAW graduate Baumann. So, the decision was quickly made.

"We collect and analyze vast amounts of data, so I can really use the knowledge I gained in my studies in statistics in this area."

Stephanie Baumann, ZHAW graduate and facilities manager at SBB

Controlling passenger flow at train stations

Baumann has not regretted this decision to this day. After obtaining her bachelor's degree in the summer of 2020, Stephanie Baumann took a position as a technological facilities manager in the field of crowd management at SBB in Bern. "Here, I primarily deal with passenger flow at train stations, with the goal of ensuring that all our customers can safely reach their destination from A to B," explains Baumann her field of activity. One of the projects she is involved in deals with the waiting areas of passengers on the platforms. "People like to wait in unsuitable places, such as the longitudinal side of ramps and stairs, because they can lean there. However, these areas are usually narrow and should not be used for waiting," Baumann explains the problem.

Comprehensive overview of the transportation world

Stephanie Baumann is still closely connected with her fellow students from her studies. They work in different areas of the mobility industry – in the planning, offer development, or market development of transport companies or in logistics companies. Stephanie Baumann can use the content from her studies profitably in her work. "We collect and analyze huge amounts of data, and the knowledge from the statistics lessons in the program is very useful to me," she says. For anyone interested in transportation, mobility in general, and everything related to it, the degree program is the right choice. "The bachelor's degree program provides a comprehensive overview of the transportation world," summarizes ZHAW graduate Stephanie Baumann. "And the job opportunities after graduation are currently greater than ever."