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Current Situation

Currently, private pilots are required to get the latest weather briefing data before their flight. In Switzerland, most of the private pilots consult weather data offered from MeteoSwiss within the Sykguide-platform “”. There, pilots usually consult GAFOR, QNH and LL-SIGWX charts, which try to display 3D-information onto 2D-charts. Nowadays, hazardeous weather information and visualization techniques allow to display this 3D-information more nicely.


We’re offering following subjects to master students looking for a VT or MT topic:

  1. Generation of a first 3D-visualization of the LL-SIGWX-chart: Using high-resolution weather forecasts, a first 3D-visualization is generated as a demonstration object for Switzerland. Visualization software includes GoogleMaps, but also map.geo.admin or other related tools. The LL-SIGWX-chart is used as a reference and validation tool.
  2. Expanding the tool to Western Europe: The tool is refined and applied for other regions in Europe. A comparison of the skill between global weather models and regional weather models is performed and validated against existing LL-SIGWX-charts (TEMSI, LL-SIGWX, GAFOR, etc.) and measured data (icing detection on board of certain aircrafts)